Baby Elgin III & Family Support Fund by Elgin Thrower Jr.

We Don’t know how long it will take Baby Elgin to recover, but we know it will be in God’s time. We’re thanking all willing to help in advance. Unlike Gofundme, All funds donated the family gets immediately to assist them in their time of need.

my son Elgin III is in the NICU. He suffered some form of damage to his brain due to lack of oxygen. His mother had an placental abruption. He is not moving or breathing in his own and is suffering from seizures. I am not seeking attention but prayer. I lost my daughter last year to the same exact thing. I asked for a miracle and didn’t get one. This time I’m asking God to show himself on the behalf of my son. If you are a believer please pray to whoever your God is for my boy. Thank you

June 10th, 2018

He is settle into the NICU. His vitals are stable. It’s a waiting game at this point. Looks like he sustained some brain damage, we just have to wait it out to see how bad it is. I am looking for a miracle. God has an opportunity to show out. I want my boy to step out of this unscathed, I want him to beat all the odds. I lost a child last year. I CAN NOT BURY ANOTHER. Keep praying. These days to come will tell the tale. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Keep them coming. Love you. – Bo

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Created June 30, 2018

Elgin Thrower Jr.

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June 30, 2018

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