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I understand the saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword” now more than ever before! For more years than I care to count, majority of us have been taught certain things a certain way – the world’s way through lots of non-scientific theories with little to no Biblical backing . Most of us have gone through this life trusting that what we have been taught is absolute truth, especially when it all seems to continually line up with one thing after another.

Then there comes a time when things shift and you become aware that just maybe what you’ve been taught isn’t the truth at all… but is actually tied to some sick, twisted plot to lead as many people as possible down a path that doesn’t seem so difficult until you attempt to get off of it.

I say all of this to say that my husband and I once believed in man’s description of God’s (YHVH) creation. Although His Word plainly tells us of His miraculous works and the detail of the amazing design we witness everyday – somehow, man has come along and completely distorted it. Perhaps its through a desperate attempt to try to make sense of and explain it, or the deeper workings of something far greater – regardless, more and more people are being smacked with the truth and realizing that YHVH’s description of how He created “Earth” is a lot different than what “science” taught us in school.

So where do we go from here? Last fall I was hit with the vision of a detailed Biblical Creation (Flat Earth) Curriculum that so many of us desire to have as a teaching tool for our children (and ourselves). What I quickly found out is what I imagined doesn’t exist. At least not in the form of all the globe earth teaching textbooks and workbooks. So I began the journey of researching and pulling together resources dating back to the mid 1800s. Flat earth isn’t new, it’s just not popular. It’s truth to the core (no pun intended) that has been pushed aside and replaced.

It is my desire to develop a curriculum that parents can purchase and use to teach the entire family the truth about the creation of earth from a Biblical perspective. There will be reading guides/prompts, activities, and exercises that cover foundational subjects like English/Language Arts, Geography, Science, and Math. The textbook itself will have information and lesson plans that can be understood from the elementary to high school level. An accompanying workbook(s) will house the activities, exercises, and experiments to compliment the chapters in the textbook. A complimentary “Look Further” section in the textbook will have links to books, online publications, videos, and more that aim to enhance what is taught in the chapters.

What I need at this point is help from a force much greater than myself. It takes time and resources to put together something this big. While I have self-published four books and continue to make a number of curriculum resources for today’s homeschooling family – writing this Biblical Creation Curriculum is much different. Something like this is taking more time than I imagined and is requiring resources that I can’t afford. My husband and I are not in the position to lay down what little income producing activities we do have and pour into this project what it will really take to complete it – sooner than later.

The goal is to have this curriculum in your hands by this Winter. That’s four short months away. With your help through donating to this project, I will be able to put more time and focus on ensuring that this curriculum is written and created to a standard that far exceeds your expectations. With the right financial backing, I can pause other projects and focus more clearly on this one. I believe this is important and needs to hit shelves ASAP! Your donations will help make this possible.

While part of your donation will provide me a way to focus solely on this project, a portion of it will come back to you in the form of receiving a PDF copy of the finished product(s). I plan to offer both PDF and hard copy options for sale. Your donation of at least $50 will ensure you receive a PDF copy, and your donation of $100 or more will get you a PDF AND hard copy of the completed curriculum. Lastly, your donation of ANY amount will land your name on the “Thank You for Making this Possible” page at the end of the textbook.

Together, we can sound the alarm of Truth all while leading, guiding, and directing our families with resources like the “Explore Biblical Creation: An Introduction to the Biblical View of Earth.”

Thank you for you help in making this project possible.

– Michelle H.

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Created July 2, 2018

Michelle Huddleston


Kentucky, United States (US)

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