Hawaii Volcano-Direct Releif

Volcano Continues to Wreak Havoc.  Lava and hazardous fumes spew on the Big Island as the Kilauea volcano erupted.   Over 30 homes have been lost so far with 100s displaced to shelters.    This also may only be the start of much worse events to occur. Jason Twillman, a local resident, shared the following with me via messenger. " My community of about 35 people are all gonna displaced if the lava continue in our direction. Like us, they have all put their life savings into the land and homes. We all have pretty much built everything with our bare hands. One of our members mom was evacuated at a moments notice and her house is smack dab where the lava is boiling out. She has nothing but her car. There are 1700 people with out homes right now maybe more. Its only going to get worse and many more will be with out homes including their businesses too." Every day there will be more and more of just how much is need to help those effected by this event, most have lost everything and even the very basics are needed.  Every small amount means so much.    


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