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Hawaii volcano’s toll nears 600 homes destroyed by lava; no end in sight. Throughout 2018, a series of volcanic events have been devastating areas of Hawaii. Volcanic fissures have developed, affecting entire neighborhoods and communities, causing evacuations,  and displacement of many local families, including the elderly and disabled. There have been ongoing issues as a result of these eruptions, including scarcity of supplies, fires, and poor air quality due to sulfur dioxide and ash. 

It is very important that we come together to do what we can for the people in need. For this we reached out to Ronnette Domen Gonsalves, Founder of the Bodacious Women of Pahoa. 

The Bodacious Women of Pahoa are a group of women in Pahoa that are focused on helping their community through food distribution and natural emergency preparedness. They work tirelessly 7 days a week offering support from their own bank accounts seeking no recognition. All funding goes straight to them, no middle man.

Your donations will go directly toward supplies, food, and assisting the many who have lost their home and land.

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Created June 8, 2018

Ronnette Gonsalves

Crisis Relief

Pahoa, United States (US)

Bodacious Women of Pahoa

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