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We live in Maine and it has been a constant struggle for three years. Simply keeping warm in the winter has been a major challenge for our family. After my father passed away in April 2016, we’ve been through much struggle, without a safety net or much help. My husband is a carpenter but with all the extreme weather, we’ve lost nearly half of our income over the past two winters, and have spent the entirety of the summers catching up from the winter months. This winter, heat and electricity for only one month cost more than 2/3rds of our monthly income. We have been resorted to shoveling roofs to keep warm and keep food on the table. This does not include rent, food, transportation, insurance, and the list goes on and on. As cost continues to go up, we realize that staying in Maine will be impossible and the chance to end up homeless is very real. We have open doors and opportunity in Oklahoma, and a better job for my husband available. Due to the struggle, we have no funds for the move and are living week to week, just barely scraping by. Getting the bills paid on time is a challenge in itself, so saving to do this is unfeasible. We’re hoping to put the money together to pay for gas down there and tie up a few past due bills. We have a decent truck to move down there with, but it needs a few repairs. Any little bit helps and can add to our final goal. We’re putting every single dime into this move, and there has been much prayer going into this. I truly believe it is the correct next step for my family, and we will be eternally grateful for any assistance in getting there. Please pray on this and consider donating, as we’re totally reliant on the kindness and generosity of good people to get out of this situation. We’ve done all we can, and it’s now in the hands of our Father in heaven. We would be so grateful to finally be out of this struggle, and in a warmer climate where more work is available. My family is praying for a miracle. Thank you very much for your consideration, and may the Most High be with you.

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Posted By: BrittneyBee

Feb 06, 2018
Thank you so much everyone! If anyone wishes to reach out to me, ask questions, or see my family, you can email me at! Praise Yahuah for His miracles! Each and every little bit helps!
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JOHN TEIXEIRA $250.00 February 03, 2018
Mark Russell $1,000.00 February 19, 2018

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