Help me get back to work

This is our absolute last option, and I absolutely didn’t want to go down this road at all. I lost my CDLs for 60 days due to an accident. I have my own business, but it’s slow in the winter. I rely on my CDLs to make winter funds for my family. We are out of money, and need to pay our bills till my CDLs are reinstated next month. $2,000.00 will get me to where I need to be, and yes I have tried everything else. If you would like to see the suspension notice I would be glad to send it to you. Please help us stay together, and keep a roof over our heads. Thank you to everyone of you who pray, share, and help with funds.

Name Donate Amount Date
Tim Keen $100.00 March 03, 2018
MD $20.00 February 01, 2018
StandSteelClothing $20.00 February 01, 2018 $1,860.00 January 31, 2018

$2,000.00 of $2,000.00

Created March 3, 2018

Shayne Walker

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Texas, United States (US)

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