Help us Help Families.

Ian Chadrick, Anthony Stover and their wives, Samantha Chadrick and Amber Plaster, have begun working on a film and ministry called Firm Foundations, directed at what we believe to be the largest battle in the spiritual war, the home, marriage, and family, and how support and reconciliation can be found in the messiah and His word. Both the film and the ministry will all be based on donations, if someone donates either a penny or a billion dollars they will each get access to the same recourses we offer. This is not a business for us, nor a career, we just want to bring life to those who have been weakened. With that being said, we are open to any donations anyone would have to support us as we are growing in these early stages, anyone who donates will receive a copy of the film once its complete, think of it as “donational pre-order” 🙂 help us help those who are holding on by a thread, and get their feet back on the Firm Foundation

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Created December 28, 2018

Anthony Stover

Community & Social Action

little rock, AR and Dayton, OH, United States (US)

Firm Foundations

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