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A Very Important NeeD Shalom My  Mishpacha Jay and my vehicle was taken on the 7th. We want to do a fundraiser with a PayPal Link. The goal $4,000.00 That should be enough for a good used car with some life in it and plates. Jay is a partially disabled vet and has VA doctor appointments. He struggles with a service connected autoimmune disorder . I have specialist and still can not work after a year long battle of illness. We have no room for a car payment in our budget and the insurance isn’t enough to cover our loss. We will have a deficit. Can you guys please not only share but actively promote our link when I put it out there. If you have a good YouTube or popular blog would you do a page , link or mention-with our link. Jason and I have always helped our tribe when we could or shared others links Would you now help us? We want to be transparent that it was an illegal repossession. The bank was found guilty by their own internal investigation and had to write off our vehicle and was not allowed to collect in 2014. We had offered to give the vehicle back and they refused . Then they physically advanced on my father and threatened him with an arrest. That was in 2014 as well .They have not contacted us in any way since the write off. Then we woke up and our vehicle was gone on the 7th. The police consider it stolen because proper paperwork was not filed and we wasn’t notified. The bank are over its notifications period for the police.They sent a letter to a third party who notified me. Right now we have a rental from the insurance company because it is still technically stolen. They sent no letter of write off as they did it over phone. It is recorded at The Bank. They of course are denying it. We was out of country when the write off occurred. Because they owned up I trusted them. Also please pray for me and Jason Martin . He and I did the right thing and tried to turn it in, they in turn broke the law and offered to make it right only to stab us in the back three years later. Thank you for sharing our link. PayPal email samsymington@yahoo.com
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