To raise the money you need, first ensure that you’ve created a great campaign. You should have a thorough description that explains what you’re raising money for and how exactly the funds will be used. Our most successful campaigns includes an intro video, tells a story, and speak to their audience in a personal voice.

If appropriate, offer rewards and include a video of you or your team talking through your campaign – this does help to raise more money.

Once you’re sure that your campaign content is top-notch, you need to start promoting your page.

Here are our key tips – your goal should be to progress through these stages and become an advanced fundraiser!

Basic Fundraiser

      • > Speak to or send a personal message to your close friends and family telling them about your campaign so that they can be first to donate and get the momentum going. Extended networks are much more likely to donate once they see that others have already done so.


      • > Once your closest friends and family have donated, it’s time to share your campaign on your own social networks and ask existing donors to do the same. Don’t bombard people with messages – as a general guide, two or three shares on Facebook or Twitter per week works well. Don’t just post requests for donations, but update on progress and thank existing donors too.


      • > If you have a website or blog, tell your audience about your campaign and embed our widgets. Similarly, if you have a Facebook page or other way of contacting relevant circles of people, spread the word about the opportunity for people to be part of your campaign.

Intermediate Fundraiser

      • > Contact relevant online communities that may be interested in your fundraiser. You could engage with like-minded people on a relevant forum or website. Contact blogs that are related to your campaign and see if they’re interested in covering it. Or perhaps write a guest post that you know their audience will like and will help drive more visitors to your page.


      • >Take your campaign offline and host a fundraising event or party. Distribute flyers, speak at a local community event and essentially create real connections with people.

Advanced Fundraiser

      • > By contacting the press you have the ability to get exposure to a huge number of people, many of whom could turn into your donors. Contact your local newspaper, TV and radio stations to tell them about your fundraiser and why it’s worth their attention. The media love covering campaigns that are based on personal stories. Our campaigns that have gone viral often start off with coverage from small local news outlets which can then spread to the national or international news sites.

Exceptional campaigns can get donations from total strangers, but most are funded by people that are in your network and your network’s network.

Our site has all the features you need to encourage donations, but you still need to work to get others to part with their cash. Creating a campaign is not a set-and-forget endeavor.

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