Setting up your stripe account can seem difficult at first glance but we assure you it only takes a minute or two, once you understand the process.

Step 1) Choose your country.

Step 2) Choose your business description. Here you will type, “Creating crowdfunder to raise money on”

Step 3) Business/website. Type:

Step 4) Type of business, Choose “Individual / Sole Proprietorship”

Step 5) Employer Identification Number is optional, if you really want to add it, use your Social Security Number

Step 6) Business Address, is your home address.


Step 7) This section is self explanatory. Follow Stripe’s direction.


Step 8) Your business name will be your complete legal name.

Step 9) Your customer support phone will be your home or mobile phone number.

Step 10) Input your Checking Account and Routing number so you can receive any funds sent to you. Stripe will not et you complete form unless you have this information.

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